Our View of Performance Management, Executive Coaching and Job Transition

We believe performance management is a key mechanism for communicating and executing an organization's vision and strategy -- for aligning employee efforts and outcomes with desired business direction.

When we work with companies, our consultants follow a holistic and highly participative, yet pragmatic, approach to developing and implementing performance management systems.

Our Performance Management, Executive Coaching and Job Transition Consulting Services

Our performance management, executive coaching and job transition consulting services include:

  • Performance Management Systems
  • 360° Review
  • Design Team Facilitation
  • Communication and Training
  • Executive Coaching
  • Individualized Job Transition Counseling
  • Individual Assessment Tools

Performance Management

Performance management is the ongoing process of setting performance expectations for employees, including providing feedback and coaching to help them reach those expectations, and reviewing and recognizing their performance results. It is not an annual event. It is an evolution.

Performance Management Process

Organizational Identity and Direction

Executive Coaching and Job Transition

Whether we work with clients on individual coaching or job-transition, we focus on long-term solutions - those that provide real tools and resources for executives to establish rewarding careers.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching can result in an individual attaining greater skills, an enhanced role in an organization, increased effectiveness, and greater job satisfaction. Our goal is that our clients achieve greater self-understanding and skills, as well as the ability to translate these into the workplace.

When we work with an executive, we customize a program that meets that individual's unique needs and stage of life. In most cases, we work with an individual to create a personal development plan or a personal marketing plan.

Each plan usually begins with "gap analysis." Gap analysis usually means understanding the difference between an individual's actual performance of the job versus what the job requires and others expect. Gap analysis is typically done by reviewing performance goals and objectives, conducting a 360 degree review, and creating a timesheet log of how each individual is spending his or her time at work during a two-week period.

Once the gap is identified, a plan of action can be created. The plan and planning process may include reading, exercises, discussion and feedback. It may also include videotaped practice. Usually a plan has a mix of "big" objectives balanced by "everyday" objectives.

For ongoing relationships, we meet with our clients frequently and are always available for additional phone conferences and email communication, as needed. We also help our clients learn to receive input from others about performance and perception changes.

Job Transition (Outplacement)

A well-defined job transition or career planning process allows individuals to gather information which will enable them to:

  • Make decisions
  • Set goals
  • And most of all take action

Job transition services typically include a series of assessments for skills and interests, assistance with resume preparation, interview and job search training, sourcing options, negotiation help, and support during the transition to a new position.

Our goal is to help our clients reestablish rewarding careers. The cornerstone of our approach is a three-phased methodology we call AIM for Success™. As outlined below, our process encompasses Assessment, Interview and Marketplace.

The Assessment Phase involves obtaining information about skills, aptitudes, abilities, personality traits. It also includes working with clients to help them identify their desired lifestyles, an important factor in making wise decisions about careers. The more information an individual has, the greater the possibility there will be a high interrelationship between self and occupation.

Possible Activities in the Assessment Phase
Activities and exercises within the Assessment Phase provide information about an individual's interests and abilities. They may include a broad range of results and suggestions, including:

  • Testing to measure personality traits
  • Inventorying interests and skills
  • Identifying work values and important employer characteristics and conditions (the "ideal work environment")
  • Determining transferable skills and competencies
    • Capitalizing on accomplishments
    • Discovering how others see you
    • Assessing goals and needs
    • Discovering career groups, career families and career titles which fit your interests and abilities.

Understanding the results can be a step in the right direction toward making good career decisions now and in the future. It also helps individuals match careers with interests.

The Interview Phase involves creating marketing material which assists individuals with selling themselves to prospective employers. The goal of the Interview Phase is to practice and then portray and communicate skills, abilities and accomplishments to prospective employers.

The activities within the Interview Phase often include:

  • Creating a resume (chronological, functional, combination and Internet/scanning-friendly);
  • Investigating potential careers in a variety of ways;
  • Conducting informational interviews to obtain career and employer information;
  • Practicing interviewing using a variety of methodologies;
  • Interviewing;
  • Follow-up.

The Marketplace Phase involves investigating the world of work in greater depth, gathering information about corporations, networking and finally, getting a job.

The activities within the Marketplace Phase may include:

  • Exploring and using Internet job boards;
  • Targeting employers and applying online;
  • Taking courses or attending workshops in areas where transferable skills will be gained;
  • Attending job/career fairs;
  • Networking;
  • Researching employability within regions, industries and salary ranges;
  • Negotiating salary, benefits, leave, etc.

Our Experience and Successes in Performance Management, Executive Coaching and Job Transition Consulting

Some recent examples of our work in the area of performance management, executive coaching and job transition consulting include:

  • Creating a customized outplacement program for a statewide technology consulting firm and assisting with individualized job transition counseling for approximately 50% of the employees
  • Coaching and counseling key executives from a national publicly traded corporation by facilitating the creation of individualized development plans and monitoring and facilitating progress
  • Providing ongoing coaching and counseling to human resource executives in a variety of industries, including banking, technology, manufacturing and distribution
  • Conducting leadership strategy sessions and employee focus groups, using results to define, develop and implement a new compensation approach for a global professional service company
  • Leading a cross-functional employee design team in developing a new performance management process for a large multi-state medical clinic; working from the organization's mission and core values to identify the behaviors and attributes critical to successful performance
  • Developing a comprehensive performance management program for a financial services organization, with the objective of aligning individual performance outcomes with the company's strategy and business plans. Designed and led a series of management and employee training sessions to support the roll-out of the new program, focusing on skill-building in areas such as setting measurable performance expectations, coaching and motivating employees and conducting effective performance appraisals
  • Designing a CEO performance management and reward package for a public health organization, working closely with the Board of Directors to identify and document key responsibilities and performance metrics, and defining an effective appraisal process
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