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Our View of Organizational and Strategic Consulting

We believe there is a significant need in the business community for high quality, business-oriented employment solutions - those that aim people toward achievement of business goals.

We work closely with clients to develop organizational and strategic solutions which will make a real and lasting difference.

Our organizational and strategic consulting services include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Human Resources Management
  • Recruiting and Retention Strategies
  • Customized Surveys
  • Employee Focus Groups

A positive relationship with employees is a determining factor in how employees treat customers. Harvard business school researchers and others have shown a direct correlation between customer relations, employee relations, business growth and profitability. A positive culture in the workplace may also contribute to employees returning to work more quickly after a work-related injury and minimize employment litigation. For these reasons, we place an emphasis on human resources and development practices which contribute to a positive and unique culture at our clients' businesses.

We help clients meet the future head-on, not just react when things aren't working. One of the most effective ways a company can prepare for the future is to understand its workforce today. We assist clients by conducting surveys, management interviews or employee focus groups.

Oak Creek Partners can start with a strategic people plan or assist with the design and development of a new human resource department. In some cases, that means we actually manage a company's human resource department. In other cases, it might mean we provide guidance, systems design or mentoring.

Our Experience and Successes in Organizational and Strategic Consulting

Some recent examples of our work in the area of organizational and strategic consulting include:

  • Developing a company-wide cultural change initiative for a Fortune 500 retailer by designing and conducting focus group research, working with senior management to design strategies, and creating training and media materials
  • Developing a strategic "employer of choice" human resource plan for founding partners of a $30 million national technology integration and consulting firm, by conducting strategic assessment of partner goals, management interviews, organizational survey, and development of project teams. The company was subsequently named the second fastest growing in Minnesota by CityBusiness
  • Conducting a human resource practice assessment, in addition to conducting recognition and reward-related focus groups; then redesigning human resource department for major residential property management company
  • Designing and conducting employee focus groups for a large healthcare employer to understand employee attitudes about benefit packages
  • Conducting a leadership strategy session and employee focus groups, using results to define, develop and implement a new compensation approach for a global professional service company
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For further information about any of the services offered by Oak Creek Partners LLC, please call us at 612.378.4880. We look forward to working with you.