Flexible Investment Options for Our Clients

How we work with plan sponsors, brokers, investment companies and other advisors

Our services are independent and exclusively “unbundled” meaning we leverage select record-keepers and investment advisors which meet high standards for excellence in the industry.  Because we are an independent service provider, we can continue to develop partnerships with only those providers who share this commitment to excellence.

There are many options for 401(k) plans. Often financial advisors will help our clients work through the options available for investing the funds in a 401(k) plan. Typically, the investment company chosen will perform many record-keeping tasks, including crediting and valuing participant accounts and preparing participant statements. We work with the financial advisor to create a team that works together to meet the needs of administering a plan. We also pride ourselves on working cooperatively with accounting and legal advisors.

Qualified Plan Consulting and Administration

  • Plan design consulting
  • Contribution allocation formulas
  • Plan installation
  • Nondiscrimination testing
  • IRC required testing
  • Maximum contribution testing
  • Prepare Form 5500 and attachments
  • Consult on fund selection and allocation
  • Provide investment policy
  • Conduct employee enrollment meetings
  • Conduct periodic performance analysis
  • Consult with participants on investments
  • Record-keeping services
  • Credit contributions
  • Allocate earnings
  • Balance accounts
  • Forfeitures, loans and withdrawals
  • Prepare participant account statements
  • Prepare annual trust accounting
  • Prepare IRS Forms 1099-R & 945