Oak Creek Partners LLC offers you an integrated approach to employment and business consulting. Our services range from strategic, such as helping clients direct their human resources toward their business goals, to very practical, such as design and administration of retirement plans.

We develop and implement targeted strategies for services for clients in a variety of industries, sizes and stages of organization, ranging from Fortune 500 to entrepreneurial companies. Our affiliations with other professional service firms can also add to your success. Our affiliations include attorneys, compensation consultants, organizational psychologists, financial analysts, and marketing and public relations specialists.


We believe there is a simpler, better way to do almost anything. We like to call it a “better view.” Our expertise in national and international consulting, as well as corporate, executive and board/community service, helps us develop services which provide you with meaningful, long-term solutions and real results.

How did we arrive at a better view? Our group has more than 80 years experience in the business, so we understand the challenges of being an employer. We know how day-to-day affairs can detract from the time you need for strategic planning and creative problem solving. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing a better view of:

  • ORGANIZATIONAL CONSULTING by researching, surveying, understanding best practices, and then bringing you ideas and appropriate solutions
  • COMPENSATION that provide real improvements to your business and help you retain top talent
  • COACHING to strengthen the link between performance and organizational success and assist individuals in achieving the best development paths and careers

For further information about any of the services offered by Oak Creek Partners LLC, please call us at
612.378.4880. We look forward to working with you.